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Shawnee Mountain Cancer Awareness Days Raise $9,164 For Local Cancer Funds

Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA – On, February 10 & 18, Shawnee Mountain Ski Area held its annual Cancer Awareness Days in cooperation with the American Cancer Society and the Hope for Strength Breast Cancer Fund. 

Saturday, February 10th’s activities included the fifth annual “Paint the Mountain Pink Day” which raised $1,900 for the Monroe County based Hope for Strength Breast Cancer Fund. Sunday, February 18th’s activities centered around the “Joe Riesle Memorial Ski Race Against Cancer,” on the Upper Tomahawk NASTAR Race Trail. Race fee proceeds, along with corporate sponsorships and individual donations raised $7,264, all of which has been sent to Monroe County Chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Long standing Shawnee Mountain Events, Cancer Awareness Days and other fundraisers are held annually at the family orientated Ski Area.