Join us on July 19 & 20 for the Poconos' Wurst Festival at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

SEPTEMBER 5 & 6, 2015
10am to 6pm


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Celebrating 21 years of Pocono Garlic. The Pocono Garlic Festival will once again fill the Poconos with the aroma of garlicky goodness over Labor Day weekend. Over 60 food and craft vendors will be offering everything from garlic vinegar and garlic ice cream to garlic-themed pottery and paintings. A showcase of local musical talent on 2 stages; including the Pocono Bluegrass & Folk Society stage, educational demonstrations, 4th Annual Garlic Eating Contest and plenty of children’s activities make this a great family event!

Explore the Garlic Festival

Click on the sections below to explore the Pocono Garlic Festival music line-up, entertainment, vendors and children's area. Dozens of vendors providing a range of foods from simple to sophisticated for the foodie with discerning taste buds! The festival is a platform to showcase the regions most pungent garlic, finest eateries & talented artists.


Awesome Specialty Foods -
Garlic potato soup, garlic herb dips. rubs and more.

Aunt Jan's Salsa at the Pocono garlic Festival Aunt Jan's Salsa -
Garlic Loaded Salsa as well as 12 varieties of salsas that all have been touched with a hint of garlic.

Classy Crocks & Dips -
Homemade crocks and dips to stock up your pantry as well as crocks to hold them.

Ducky’s Sno Shaved Ice -
More than thirty flavors of shaved ice. Plus, Garlic Shaved Ice!

Papa’s Kettle Korn -
Sweet and salty kettle popped korn - with and without garlic.

The Pickel Guys at the Pocono garlic Festival The Pickle Guys - Crowd Favorite
Everything imaginable pickled; mushrooms, garlic, hot peppers, giardiniera and of course pickles.

Maison Crepes - Crowd Favorite
A wide assortment of freshly made to order stuffed crepes, with lots of garlic!

Green Kamikozees - Returning Favorite!
The best homemade all natural pickled hot green garlic tomatoes, pickled bologna and pickled garlic.

Luigi's Infused Oils -
Infused italian olive oils produced and bottle in Hudson Valley; Garlic, hot pepper, sun dried tomato & more!

No Bones About It Pet Bakery -
Take home handmade baked specialty canine treats for the one you love! 

OLIZ Catering -
Pork hocks with garlic potato, garlic cheese pirogues, chicken, garlic kielbasa, garlic potato pancakes, grill garlic kielbasa.

Pappadella Pasta -
Lotsa Pasta that is hand made assorted dry pasta for purchase.

TC's Speciality Foods-
A huge selection of cooking sauces, marinades and hot sauces.

The Pickel Guys at the Pocono garlic Festival Roasted Sweet Corn -
The sweetest summer corn roasted on-site smothered with garlic butter.

Tims Smoked Products -
Garlic and pineapple stuffed roasted pig with our own home made rub. Pulled and served on site. Along with our own garlic pork BBQ simmered in or signature BBQ sauce with home made cole slaw served on a fresh hard roll.

Torchbearer Sauces -
Torchbearer Sauces are All Natural award-winning food products made without the use of additives, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup. With a complete line of marinades, hot sauces, salsas and more, Torchbearer Sauces can be used to jazz up anything.

Tortured Orchard at the Pocono garlic Festival Tortured Orchard -
All Natural Seasoning five sauces designed to be eaten directly from the jar or cooked with Gluten free, diabetic friendly and vegetarian/vegan but of course can be eaten with any meat, poultry or fish of choice. Sweet Apple Blush, Lemon Ginger Twist, Garlic Balsamic Drizzle, Spiced Pineapple Zinger and Golden Sauce.

Texas Smoke House Barbeque -
Great garlic barbecue meats including slow cooked beef brisket and half rack rib platters.

Speckled Lemonade -
Freshly squeezed speckled lemonades and little bit more!      

Shakabuka Catering -
Beans, Greens and Garlic, Garlic Chicken Spiedies, Bauget, Roasted Garlic, Brie Grapes and Glazed Walnuts.        

Sherri’s Fun Foods - A Crowd Pleasing Comeback!
The freshest handmade garlic infused crab cakes sandwiches.

Stella Jeanne's
Garlic cheese curds, chicken fingers w/garlic dip, sweet potato fries, tornado potato with garlic seasoning, deep fried garlic Oreos!

Tortured Orchard at the Pocono garlic Festival Sycamore Grille -
Roasted Garlic Crab cake, Garlic Drenched Fries, Roasted Garlic Risotto Croquettes, Roasted Garlic Chicken & Sausage Stew, Parmesan & Garlic Wings, fried garlic with roasted garlic dip on crackers and ROASTED GARLIC COTTON CANDY.

Shawnee Mountain -
Foot long hot dogs with garlic chili sauce & fresh hot pretzels with garlic mustard.

Whisker Biscuits -
Locally made dog and cat treats that are safe and healthy. From Antler Chews to Dog Biscuits to Peanut Butter Poo to Chicken Jerky.

Big E's -
Garlic infused funnel cakes, smoothies and curly fries.

HFH Concessions -
Garlic chicken quesadillas, sweet potato chips with garlic sauce, southern style garlic corn in a cup

Bull & Bear Greek Food - A Crowd Pleasing Comeback!
Garlic inspired Mediterranean selections that include garlic laced spanakopita, gyros, grape leaves including garlic laced lamb & beef gyros, garlic ice cream.


Palatine Cheese -
Mohawk Valley's one only cheddar cheese and flavored cheddar cheese plant offering eight different garlic flavor cheese curds and spreads.


Tortured Orchard at the Pocono garlic Festival

Swarmbustin' Honey -
Besides Pure and Raw honey, we also offer other Honey Bee related products, such as Fresh Bee Pollen, Mountain Crèmed honey, Flavored Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, 100% Beeswax & Beeswax Candles, Honey Vinegar, and a variety of Swarmbustin’ Honey novelties.


Pocono Garlic Festival at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

Children's Area -
Farm Animal Petting Zoo

The Pie Man

Aardvark Entertainment Juggling Shows & Face Painting

Magic Shows with Wizard Magician Stephen Christopher

Water Balloon Toss


Cooking Demos with Chef Dan Rothman -
A thirty year veteran of the restaurant industry, Chef Dan Rothman will give two cooking demos. The first demo will be Garlic 101 and the second is show off some tricks of the trade while cooking up mouth watering garlic recipes. Roman Osadca, garlid grower and speaker.

Roman Osadca, an expert on all things garlic, will give a talk on the health benefits of garlic. Roman grows over 100 varieties of garlic and produces delicious honey from his beehives.


Bob Dunkel will give two informative lectures on “Growing Your Own Garlic” and “Garlic History, General Health and Cooking Issues”


Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center will be here to show off local wildlife in this one of a kind education experience.


Darryl and Jackie Speicher of the Pocono Avian Research Center will be on hand to discuss the benefits of sharing our yards with wildlife on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. They will have examples of the types of native plants we can grow that help recreate native habitats, while providing therapeutic benefits to the human inhabitants of the property as well.


The Pocono Garlic Festival is a one-stop destination to stroll the extensive collectionof fine hand made jewelry, woodworking, hand created clothing, stained glass, basketry and pottery. These are just a few of the distinctive crafts on display for your shopping pleasure. In-addition to the artist a spectrum of unique specialty items including bath products, soaps, jams, jellies and one of a kind items. All laced with a little garlic!


MudWorks Pottery -
Created by JoAnn Stratakos at her studio in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania. MudWorks Pottery can be found throughout the country in-manydiverse galleries and gift shops.

Word Of Mouth -
Louis DeVery is a jewelry artist who designs handcrafted, non-pierced earwraps and cuffs since 1982. She has won multiple awards for her jewelry, originality, booth & costume designs.

Joanne’s T Shirts -
Get your official Pocono Garlic Festival t-shirt and other garlic theme wearable items.

Mud, Sweat & Tears -
Local pottery with decorated earthenware, throw plates, dishes and bowls and hand-build jugs, clocks and vases all colorful, decorative, commemorative and functional ware.

Nature Crafts / Festival ReGlass -
Recycled glass art..

Superior American Design
Rose-Ellen LaRosa, noted-artist and geologist, is transforming US and world antiquities into a one-of-a-kind jewelry collection that celebrates the history or this world. Discovered locally in the Poconos, the first types of land plants and ancestors of garlic from 300 Million BC are available as pendants. Also on hand are the two thousand year old coins of every ancient society that discovered the many uses of garlic including ancient Ireland, Germany, Rome, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Persia, Armenia, France, England, Wales, Scotland, etc. These documented originals form a family heirloom jewelry collection, Made In America.

Master metalworker & handcrafted jewelry designer

Potente Magnetic Jewelry -
Well thought out holistic jewelry that is hand crafted and aesthetically pleasing with heath benefits with their magnetic properties.

Sassy Glass Productions -
Ron and Trish Maietta create an array of hand blown glass products.

Artist at Heart -
A wide variety of quality products, including fine jewelry, beautiful pottery and woodwork.

Supreme Accents -
Supreme Accents offers handcrafted quilted comforters, handcrafted table runners & place mat sets, handmade blankets, & fun unique pillows.

Wander Wheel Studio -
Jone Bush is a professional craftswoman who creates handmade pottery.


Awesome Temp Toos -
Family fun, individual made and removable air brushed water proof tattoos.


Barley Rose Bodycare -
To provide natural bath and bodycare products that you (and your body!) can feel good about.

Live Music on Two Stages

Christian Porter - Performing on Sunday of the Pocono Garlic Festival

Christian Porter Music - Performing Sunday Only
Website | Facebook
Christian Porter is your regular all-American guy…but with extraordinaire musical talents. By the time he was 14, Christian started playing the guitar, which is what ignited his passion to create music full-time. The success of his music has led to opening gigs for Bo Bice, Thriving Ivory, Dawes, Ryan Cabrera, We The Kings and Gavin Degraw, in addition to various gigs at numerous bars, clubs, coffee houses, restaurants and more across the nation; including his memorable performance of "Sexy and I Know It" on Season 4 of NBC's The Voice.


Meet the garlic growers of the Pocono Garlic Festival. Celebrating 20 years of Pocono garlic.

The Youngers - Performing Saturday Only
Website | Facebook | Twitter
In 2001 Todd Bartolo, lead singer/songwriter/guitarist and driving force behind roots rock outfit, The Youngers, acquired mounted bullhorns from Bill Monroe’s estate sale. The artifact from the bluegrass founder’s personal collection hangs from an archway in Bartolo’s home and serves as a daily reminder of the importance of heritage in his life and music.


Meet the garlic growers of the Pocono Garlic Festival. Celebrating 20 years of Pocono garlic.

La Cuchina - Performing Saturday & Sunday
La Cuchina “makes people want to dance to jazz again” and “if you can’t dance to La Cuchina, you should see a doctor.” With its infectious dance, smooth jazz and latin grooves that support great jazz playing on top, La Cuchina will make you get up out of your chair and yell, “La Cuchina!!”


Meet the garlic growers of the Pocono Garlic Festival. Celebrating 20 years of Pocono garlic.

The Pfeiffer Twins - Performing Saturday & Sunday
Website | Facebook
The Pfeiffer Twins are identical twin sisters, Carrie and Lindsay Pfeiffer. The Twins began singing at the age of four, songwriting at nine, and joined the folk/bluegrass band Still River Band in 2002 at the ages of eighteen. Carrie provided fiddle and soprano harmonies, while Lindsay sang alto harmonies, played hand percussion, and added two original songs to the band's second record.


The Lost Ramblers - Performing Saturday & Sunday
The Lost Ramblers specialize in authentic Appalachian acoustic sounds, and their performances run the gamut from bluegrass and gospel, to swing, Irish, and favorite old-timey music. The Lost Ramblers have been performing regionally and nationally for over twenty years.


Meet the garlic growers of the Pocono Garlic Festival. Celebrating 20 years of Pocono garlic.

Juggernaut String Band - Performing Saturday & Sunday
Website | Facebook
Uncle Pete Tawny and Juggernaut run on a high octane blend of classic rock, bluegrass and Mardi Gras party tunes seasoned with Pete's originals which they call ROCKFOLK.

Meet the Garlic Farmers

Meet the garlic growers of the Pocono Garlic Festival. Celebrating 20 years of Pocono garlic.

Our farmers take pride in providing our patrons with the freshest locally grown garlic and produce. Eat local, eat fresh!


Roman Osadca, garlid grower and speaker.

Rolling Hills Farms - Saylorsburg, PA
The original-garlic vinegar. A blend of fresh garlic, wholesome apple cider vinegar, and a hint of dark brown sugar. Aged in barrels, their garlic vinegar will make you happy!


Mountaindale Farm - Minisink Hills, PA
Several generations of locally grown organic garlic farmed-in the Poconos Organic garlic, hand made garlic-braids, seed for organic garlic, homemade garlic cookies and fresh in-season produce serving the community for over a hundred years!


Knob View Farm - Cherry Valley, PA
Website | Facebook
Organic garlic grown in the Poconos, gourmet garlic sea salts, assorted herbs, fresh in-season produce and farm t-shirt. 


Ebb & Flow Farm - Lakewood, PA
Their main focus is Garlic, we sell high quality seed garlic as well as table garlic, German Red and White. Their farm practices include Organic & Biodynamic farming. They intensively farm 3.5 acres of land growing all varieties of vegetables and specialize in garlic production.


Roman Osadca, garlid grower and speaker.

Josie Porter Farm - Cherry Valley, PA
Website | Facebook
A local community farm and buying club: Biodynamically (beyond organic) grown garlic for the kitchen or for planting, garlic starter kits,seasonal produce, garlic greeting cards and garlic cheddar cheese. 


Mapleland Farm - Salem, NY
We create our award-winning maple syrup, cream, sugar, and other quality maple products on our five-generation family farm in eastern New York State – a place where the climate, soil, and forest have come together to produce remarkable maple syrup.


Fairman Farms - Nazareth, PA
Fairman Farm is home to the Snoopy Barn Produce Stand. For the past 30 years we have organically (not certified) grown a variety of vegetables, garlic, melons, berries, garlic, pumpkins and sweet corn.


Apple Ridge Farms - Salyorsburg PA
Website | Facebook
Our moto is "sustainability through diversity" and our goal is to become the worlds most productive 7 acre chemical free farm by mimicking the diverse sustainable systems found in nature.

NEW! Peters Valley Artisan Village

Peters Valley School of Craft will be at the 20th Annual Pocono Garlic Festival with live artisan demonstrations and information about their programs.

See live demonstrations in blacksmithing, ceramics, weaving and wood turning.

Peters Valley is a nationally recognized center for fine craft nestled amid the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (30 miles north of Shawnee Mountain) in Layton, NJ. With a focus on Immersion Learning Workshops for beginners to professional artists, we and provide a series of outreach events throughout the tristate area. Our campus and all of our events can accommodate buses and all ages are welcome.

Visit the Peters Valley Artisan Tent at the Pocono Garlic Festival for live demonstrations and information. Information on the artists is coming soon...

Learn More About Peters Valley School of Craft

Garlic Eating Contest

Pocono Garlic Festival Garlic Eating Contest.

Garlic Eating Contest Release

The first ten (10) entrants each day will be guarantee a spot in the contest. So sign up early at the Information Booth to ensure your place in the most pungent and prestigious contest in the Poconos. Sign-up is no later than 1:30 pm each day.

Must be 18 years of age or older, provide a valid form of identification and sign a release form to be eligible to participate. Complete rules of the contest will be provided to those that are accepted for the contest.

Contest will be held each day promptly at 2:30 p.m. under the Main Tent.

1st and 2nd place prizes will be awarded each day to those that eat the most garlic within 1 minute.

Prizes include: Garlic Eating Trophy, Complimentary Ski Passes to Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, Garlic Goodies and a Festival T-Shirt. Saturday’s winner will be provided 2 passes to Sunday’s Pocono Garlic Festival should they decide to defend their Garlic Eating Title during Sunday’s contest.

The Garlic Eating Contest winner upon completion of the contest will be invited to lead the “Garlic Processional Parade” as the “King” or “Queen” of the festival to oversee and rule the Pocono Garlic Kingdom!

Questions? Email

NEW! Chopped Garlic Competition

Pocono Garlic Festival Garlic Eating Contest.

Four hand picked local chefs will call on their culinary skills as they face off against one another to prepare a spectacular two-course meal consisting of an appetizer & entree with GARLIC as the theme. The catch? In each round, they have to use all the ingredients the Pocono Garlic Festival Farmers provides them, however unlikely they might be (Chocolate Covered Garlic, anyone?). At the end of each course, a panel of four guest judges "chops" one chef who fails to measure up in terms of taste, presentation and creativity.

Chef Dan J. Rothman - Founder of Slow Food Pocono Mountains
Chef Kevin Conroy - The Daily Bread Bakeshop, Mountainhome, PA
Chef Scott Clarke - Blue Monkey Catering, Philadelphia, PA
Executive Chef Aimee Patel - Mikuna Kitchen, East Stroudsburg, PA

The last chef standing takes home bragging rights of being the Stinkiest Chef in the Pocono's.  

PGF Chef Daniel J. Rothman hosts.

Tickets & Parking

Tickets are available at the gate for the Pocono Garlic Festival.

Advance 1-Day Tickets

Adult - $7.50
Child (age 5-12) - $6
Child (Age 4 & Under) - Free

Advance 2-Day Tickets

Adult - $13
Child (age 5-12) - $13
Child (Age 4 & Under) - Free

Gate 1-Day Tickets

Adult - $10
Child (age 5-12) - $7.50
Child (Age 4 & Under) - Free

Gate 2-Day Tickets

Adult - $15
Child (age 5-12) - $15
Child (Age 4 & Under) - Free

Festival Parking

Festival parking is free.

Cash and all major credit cards accepted at the gate. ATM available on site.
Discount Tickets are available until 4:00pm on Friday, August 29, 2014.
Tickets are available at the gate.