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We are so very excited to announce our NEW 4th Grade Snow Pass program for this winter!

4th graders (from any school, any state) will receive THREE free visits with a paid adult!
Restrictions and limitations as follows:
• Valid midweek, non-holiday
• Paid adult includes a Season Passholder & Maxi Misers
• INCLUDES rentals and a helmet!
• Proof of enrollment required
• Lessons are not included

The Snow Pass or use of the Snow Pass or of lift tickets obtained with the Snow Pass may not be refunded, transferred or re-sold to any other person, including family members or relatives. It is a violation of our rules and regulations to resell lift tickets.

Shawnee Mountain reserves the right to immediately revoke a Snow Pass if the holder transfers use of the Snow Pass or of any lift ticket and/or rental equipment obtained with the Snow Pass to another person, for monetary consideration or otherwise

We reserve the right to revoke and cancel a Snow Pass without notice for any ticket misuses. Snow Pass holders and their parent or legal guardian are responsible for proper use of the Snow Pass at all times.

If a Snow Pass is lost or stolen, you must notify the mountain immediately. Contact Shawnee Mountain Ski Area 570-421-7231 x201 or dvtrips@shawneemt.com for assistance. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.

Shawnee Mountain reserves the right to make case by case determinations concerning replacement of lost or stolen Snow Passes. In no event will a lost or stolen Snow Pass be replaced if program card has had all 3 passes redeemed.

All Snow Pass holders agree to comply with all rules and regulations of Shawnee Mountain and with all other applicable laws and regulations, including Your Responsibility Code.

If a 4th Grade Snow Pass applicant provides any false or inaccurate information on his or her application, a Snow Pass will not be issued. Snow Passes issued to a 4th Grader who has provided false or inaccurate information will be immediately revoked.

Shawnee Mountain reserves the right to deny participation if sufficient proof of 4th grade enrollment is not provided in a timely manner.

There are no refunds — regardless of injury, weather or other factors including State closures due to the pandemic and other items beyond our control. There will be no credits given for the next season.

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