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Welcome To Shawnee Mountain’s Club Program

This is the snow sports package order/purchase website.

To successfully complete your purchase you need the following:

1. BEFORE you start the order/purchase process you need to know:

  1. Is the member a skier or snowboarder?
  2. Member’s birthdate
  3. Member’s shoe size*
  4. Member’s height*
  5. Member’s weight*
  6. Member’s email address and emergency phone# 
  7. Important member medical conditions we should know about

*needed only if renting Shawnee Mountain equipment


A) Only snowboard rental and lesson may be switched to ski rental and lesson and this must be done before trip #3, ski rental and lesson cannot be changed once the program has started.

B) Check with your leader on details of your group's "missed trip" voucher policy.

C) Lesson make-ups must be completed by 03/01/2020.


A) Pro-rated refunds for medical reasons or injury only, whether before or after start of program. Refunds permitted if the injury/medical condition occurs by the conclusion of the 2nd trip. Refund requests of any kind will not be considered thereafter. Bonus, free 6th trip not included in refund calculation. Refund requests must be routed through group leader, not Shawnee Mountain Group Sales.
B) There will be a $25.00 processing charge for ALL refunds over $75. Refunds up to and including $75.00 will be issued in the form of a Shawnee Mountain Gift Card.
C) Refunds will ONLY be processed in Mid-March
D) Lessons are NOT refundable (unless within package refund)

NOT ready yet? Simply close your browser and come back when you are ready.

NEED Help? Contact us at (570) 421-7231 ext. 244 or email

I have read & agree to the program and refund policies above